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Interactive multimodal resources and learning activities

for teachers and students

created by teachers and students





This site is organized by grade level content and offers historical background, apps to enhance lessons, suggested readings, and interactive learning activities for English/Language Arts and History/Social Studies/Civics classes.  



Our goal is sharing knowledge about teaching reading, writing, and communication

by engaging students with exciting, fresh creative learning experiences.


 Visit our sister wiki, resourcesforhistoryteachers


Kids Have All the Write Stuff:  Revised and Updated for a Digital Age by Sharon A. Edwards, Robert W. Maloy and Torrey Trust (University of Massachusetts Press, 2019)


Bookcase for Young Writers 



Digital Toolkit for Young Writers: Tools, Apps and Software for Inspiring and Supporting Young Writers





Resources by Topic


American Literature







World Literature






7th Grade English/Language Arts




Young Adult Literature Wiki Pages


Global History









United States History





Teaching/Writing Poetry 



Acrostic Poems As Word Mystery Theater

Can you discover the hidden word(s)?

Acrostic Poetry wiki page

Voice Poems

Interesting Conversations make Interesting Poems

Go here for 2 Voice and 3 Voice Poems

Fibonacci Poems


Poetry in Spirals 

Go here to see examples of Fibonacci Poems

Concrete Poems =

Picture poems

Words Make Pictures

Link to: Picture Poetry



Words that MOVE & STICK

Plan for this workshop is below on this page




Verse by Verse: Write a Poem with AI


Integrate Technology Tools with these National Poetry Month Competition and Resources (2023)


Poetry Wiki Pages 




Poem from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory








 Singers and Songs




 Teaching and Learning Resources







Writing and the Teaching of Writing









Adventures of Ulysses, Apollonio di Giovanni, 1460


Adventures of Ulysses, Apollonio di Giovanni, 1460


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.



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