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Refugee by Alan Gratz

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Refugee, Alan Gratz, Scholastic (2017)



Book Summary


 An historical novel for middle grade readers featuring three interrelated stories of children and families who must leave their homes from war, violence and unrest:


  •           Josef flees Nazi-controlled Germany before World War II
  •           Isabel flees Cuba on a raft in the 1990s
  •           Mahmoud flees Aleppo in present-day Syria


  Summary of the book Refugee from the blog, The Children's War



  Questions and Answers with Alan Gratz:  Following Young Refugees Across History



Link to Alan Gratz's author page




  Teaching Immigrant Empathy:  Why Refugee by Alan Gratz Should Be Added to Your Curriculum




Refugee Discussion Guide for Teachers and Students, Scholastic



Images to the right shows refugees arriving in the United States from Europe in 1945 and being rescued in the Mediterranean Sea in 2013




June 20 is World Refugee Day, sponsored by the United Nations



5 Surprising Facts about the Refugee Crisis, NPR (June 20, 2017)



The Five Conflicts Driving the Bulk of the World's Refugee Crisis, The New York Times (June 19, 2018)

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