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Who Came Down That Road

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Who Came Down That Road? Book Summary


Video Introduction to the book





George Ella Lyon Author Website


  • George Ella Lyon was Kentucky poet laureate in 2015 and 2016


I Am From Project


Teaching and Learning Resources


1000 Events That Changed the World from HistoryStack


National Road Monument, Indiana State Capitol, Indianapolis




Links to pages dealing with roads, rivers and railroads


The Erie Canal and the Early 19th Century Transportation Revolution



 The Transcontinental Railroad




Zhang Qian and the Beginnings of the Silk Road





The National Road, America's First Major Highway- linking Maryland & Ohio

      • Also known as the Cumberland Road or the Main Street of America
      • Authorized in 1806; begin in 1813, reached Illinois in 1839
      • Workers crushed and hauled stone by hand


History of Route 66

      • 2448 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles
      • John Steinbeck in the Grapes of Wrath called it the "mother road"
      • Part of it follows The Trail of Tears

 Listen to and view Nat King Cole perform the song Route 66



I-90, St. Charles, Minnesota 

The Interstate Highway System



The Mahican-Mohawk Trail

      • East to West Native American pathway in western Massachusetts/sections also follow Route 2, the Mohawk Trail
      • From the Connecticut River to the Hudson River along the Deerfield River, over the Hoosac Mountains and along the Hoosac River.



More Roads to Investigate


Appian Way

Old North Trail

Persian Royal Road

Gold Rush Highway 49

Trans-Saharan Trade Route

The Spice Routes

The Tea Horse Road



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